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When did you fall in love with the OMI? Edition
Delia FItzpatrick, Our Kids First, eta 1985
I fell in love with Lakeview when Paradise Missionary Baptist Church, under the leadership of Rev. Raymond Howard, Sr. became more than a place of worship.  The whole church saved my life when they gave me a place to stay, provided on-the-job training, made sure I had food and the church mothers' rallied around me to LOVE and even babysat my sonIt's beyond worship and the four walls


Patty Clement, Catholic Charities, eta 1996
I fell in love with the community of people who live here and the suppport they give each other. Willingness to work to imporve their own neighborhood, and the vast diversity of the residents.
Mary Harris, OMI-NIA/Resident
Mrs. Mayor of Lakeview/Granada
Al Harris, OMI-NIA/Resident
Mayor of Lakeview
Jackie Battle, Rec & Park San Francisco
Theresa De-Dios, Stonestown YMCA
19th Avenue
Renard Monroe, Youth 1st, eta 1998
I fell in love by living, working and serving in the community
Monique Guidry, Guidry Day Care, eta 1995
I fell in love with the community when I first started working in Lakeview
Moneka Urbanske, Resident, eta 1980
I fell in love with the community
Mary Evelyn Thomas, Our Special Place
Laura Padilla, Mission YMCA
Arch Street Resident & Mission Y, eta
This community is my home and I love its rich history of community leaders and resilience. I enjoy working side by side with neighbors, community members and community nonprofits in keeping the OMI/Lakeview a gem in San Francisco.
Aaron Yen, SF Planning/COVID Command
Bonnie Sherk, A Living Library
Felisia Thibodeaux, IT Bookman
Maurice Rivers, OMI Cultutal Partcipation Project
Ng, SuenYing (LIB)
Alida Fisher, Resident
Gale Rosboro, FiveKeys/Resident
Brandon Wiley, Urban Services
Cathy Mulkey Meyer, HRC
San Jose
Lynne Maes, LIB
Daniel Homsey, SF NEN
Miraloma Park
David Munoz Ventura